by Maya Gottfried


Writing for OprahMag:

My Friend, Gwen Verdon, Taught Me to Believe in Myself

Writing for Forks Over Knives:

America's Largest Municipal Hospital System Now Offers Meatless Mondays

New California Law Guarantees Plant-Based Meal Options in Public Hospitals and Prisons

Bellevue Hospital Announces Plant-Based Diet Program to Help Treat NYC Patients

This Gynecologist is Making the Whole Foods Plant-Based Connection for Women

5 Plant-Based Ingredient Swaps for Satisfying Dinners and Desserts

Meatless Mondays Will Come to 15 Brooklyn Schools, Announces NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

Writing for VegNews:

The Big Cheese: Miyoko Schinner's Predictions for the Future of Veganism

Interview with Tracye McQuirter: 6 Secrets to Aging Gracefully (Spoiler: Go Vegan)

Planta is the Hottest Celeb Spot in South Beach ... and it's Totally Vegan

These 10 Gorgeous Vegan Accessories are Made From Garbage

4 Iconic Halloween Horror Films With Accidental Vegan Messages

7 Reasons We're Bringing Fanny Back

Great Gut Health, No Bones About it

Youtube Celebs Glam it Up With Vegan Haute Cuisine Wedding

6 Red-Hot Vegan Lipsticks to Drive Your Valentine Crazy

How One Chef is Getting NFL Players to Go Vegan

8 Winter Boots That Will Make You Look Hot

9 Ways to Ensure Your Vegan Fall Wardrobe Makes You Look Hella Cute

4 Innovative Vegan Companies We Found at Boston Veg Food Fest

5 Ways Vegan Boyfriends are Awesome

A Vegan Fall-Lover's Guide to the Hudson Valley

4 Vegan Snacks at Gas Stations that are Perfect for Summer Road Trips

Why Asheville is One of America's Hottest Vegan Cities

6 Vegan Lip Glosses Perfect for Summer

7 Vegan-Friendly Yoga Retreats Around the Globe

6 Places to Find Great Vegan Sushi in New York City

Brooklyn Chef Veganizes Popular Momofuku Milk Bar

How to Make the Perfect Spring Veggie Burger

5 Vegan Destinations for a Romantic Springtime Getaway

5 Vegan Spring Date Ideas

5 Things You Can Do This Spring to Help Animals

How to Become an Ageless Boomer

5 Ideas for a Great Vegan Spring Wedding

5 Hot Vegan Shoes for Spring

6 Places to Meet a Vegan to Love

7 Books to Share with Your Veg-Curious Love Interest

7 Vegan-Friendly Children's Books to Share with Your Kids

Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Tips for a Great Vegan Brunch

5 Vegan-Friendly Places to Move if You're Thinking the US Isn't for You

5 Ways to Heat Up Your Sex Life on Valentine's Day

5 Holiday Gifts for the Unapologetic Omnivore in Your Life

Writing for LoveTV:

Reclaiming Your Sex Life After the Big C--Cancer

How Getting Cancer in my 30s Taught Me How to Date

Writing for Follain:

Going Vegan for Beauty: Worth the Hype?

Writing for Veg Speed Date:

Words of Wisdom on Vegan Dating, Coupling, and Marriage

8 Great Vegan Date Ideas

Writing for Our Hen House:


Eating Vegan Food on a Low Fiber Diet


The Vegan Police are Everywhere and Nowhere


How I Found My Inner Activist, by Way of Brooklyn



Writing for The Huffington Post:


Dating as a Vegan: Honesty is the Best Policy


Taking the Cruelty out of the Fall's Hottest Makeup Trends


Great Makeup for the Holidays, Minus the Cruelty


I am an Imperfect Vegan


Learning to Navigate My Vegan Social Life


My Vegan Life: How Going Cruelty-Free Freed Me


A Vegan Diet was My Path to Good Health


How an Integrative Approach Helped Me Through Cancer


Giving Gifts of Joy: Animal Sponsorships as Holiday Presents


How to be a Vegan on Thanksgiving



Writing for Girlie Girl Army:


A Vegan Walking Tour of Park Slope, Brooklyn


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